The Reef Defender: A Precision, Non-Projectile Lionfish Spear

LionfishThe Lionfish Infestation

Lionfish are a non-native predatory fish whose numbers are expanding uncontrollably in the Carribean region and US coast.  This voracious species has no natural predator in the West, reduces young fish populations by as much as 79% in a five week period, and bears 20,000 to 30,000 eggs every four days.  Left unchecked, lionfish threaten coral reef ecosystems and local economies based on fishing and tourism.

Protecting Our Reefs While Diving

Recreational divers can help to alleviate the lionfish invasion while engaging in a new type of sport fishing at the same time.  Already, multiple lionfish "derbies" are being conducted where divers armed with small spears can shoot lionfish, bag them, and continue on.  Unlike most fish, the lionfish does not scare and will not swim away from a diver or a spear.

An Efficient and Elegant Solution

The AcuSpear is a short-range spear for lionfish hunting.  At the heart of its design is an industrial coaxial stainless steel spring, for achieving maximum velocity, durability, repeatability, and ease of use.

For safety, AcuSpear operation requires the uses of two hands rather than a trigger.  AcuSpear is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for years of trouble free service.

Since lionfish have very few natural predators, they will remain stationary as you approach them with an AcuSpear.   Two versions of the spear are available, a recreational version which is 31" with a 11.75" throw, and a Dive Master Edition which is 21.5" with a 7.25" throw (the tip is removable for travel).  AcuSpear does not freely release as a tethered projectile.  When used properly, it will not strike or damage the reef behind the lionfish.  Due to the nature of its design, AcuSpear is automatically re-armed and ready for use after each shot.